Tamzon Morton defends the ancient art of Tarot reading. Read more and tell us what you think….. 

NO! Neither tarot cards nor their readers are evil!  Some use Bible verses and Promise boxes, others use the Bhagavad-gita and some follow L. Ron Hubbardâ??s teachings, yet Tarot, of all the religious paraphernalia available is one of the only items thatâ??s deemed as evil…

…so because the difference in opinion is so vast it must be it incorrect, right…… that attitude is not only critical based on ignorance, itâ??s judgmental.  Yet all the above belief systems deem judgment as a no, no.  Hmmm hypocrisy comes to mind.

Ignorance of Tarot cards has produced a negative image

Now, at this point the debate is not of a religious nature; I am merely stating the fact that Tarot cards and their readers have been put in a box and stereotyped as a result of ignorance, and not many people out there will even bother to take the time to educate themselves on the facts and that, for anyone that enjoys these pleasures is frustrating to say the least.

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Tarot can reveal significant insights into our lives

Tarot, once fully studied and understood, can reveal significant insights which assist us in moving forward in our lives.  The true origins of the tarot have been lost through the ages, making the oldest pack, the Italian Visconti deck which dates back to approximately 1450. 

How Tarot reading works

A full deck consists of 78 cards are divided into two sections:  The Major Arcarna which contains 22 cards that symbolize the major events or steps we take in each cycle of life whether it is past, present or future depending on your question. 

The Minor Arcarna which contains 56 cards is divided into four suits, symbolizing the natural elements â?? earth / materialism; air / intellect; fire / inspiration (action) and water / emotions.  These cards represent the details of the steps we take in each cycle of life. They assist in giving us clarification.

A greater understanding of your inner self

Tarot provides a powerful way of gaining insights into your life and a greater understanding of your inner self.  Once you open yourself up to receiving the rich rewards offered you are able to see where a certain path will take you, if the end result is undesirable you are then able to make the necessary changes.

If, however you are happy with the end result of your question, continue your journey without deviation.

Tarot cards are a useful tool for some

So, like prayer and verses are tools for some, so is meditation and tarot for others.  And the next time you come across someone that prefers the latter, embrace the mysteriousness and beauty in their accoutrements as you do your own.