When was the last time you picked up a pencil or crayon and allowed your creative juices to flow without concerning yourselves with the opinion of others â?? including your own? 

Since the requirement is not a masterpiece, you are free to be almost childlike in whatever comes to mind at that moment in time. 

Drawing Analysis offers you the opportunity to gain perspective on where you are, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.  It even tells you where you are going with your current perspective.  Imagine that, all this information in a drawing…..â?freakyâ?.

Drawing Analysis is truly a light-hearted expression of who we are

The results are never the same, this re-enforcing that we are all on our own personal journey and that we change as the tides do.

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While some are willing to brave the experience, others choose to hide in fear, never really finding out who they are and living the same mundane life day in and day out. 

Drawing analysis is a phenomenal way to answer certain internal questions without crossing into the â??twilight zoneâ? of alternative healing, since its philosophy is purely creative.

A brief explanation of drawing analysis

You are given criteria of a picture that you need to draw.  Every item is symbolic (colours & numbers too) and depending on where itâ??s situated on the page depends are where you see yourself and from what perspective you are living your life from.  You have your drawings â??analyzedâ? immediately and you can gain very interesting insights.

This modality does not heal all your hurts and it cannot change you unless you choose for it to do so from what you learn, it merely strips away illusions.

So at the risk of being creative, childlike and having the fantasies of your life turned into realities, try it and enjoy it!