Space clearing gives â??Out with the old and in with the Newâ? a very different perspective. Not only is it literal, itâ??s abstract! 

This aspect of alternative healing very often gets ignored…You spend hours and hours in your home and office and experience many different stresses, emotions, thoughts, and feelings all of which give off energy and hang around the building like the smoke in a smokerâ??s room.  As usual youâ??ll elude yourself into pretending itâ??s not there…

We feel at peace in positive and happy homes

Have you ever walked into a happy home and just felt comfortable and at peace? Thatâ??s because the energy released is positive and happy and absorbed by the environment, yet when you walk into a home where there are countless problems, you feel as though your chest tightens and youâ??re going to start choking as a result of how tense you feel. 

Now as the mad rush has finally passed and you are all now able to recuperate and settle down into your regular routines for the rest of this year many have made New Yearâ??s resolutions (I wonder how many are still going?) and many of them are usually related to detoxing your body and generally making a point of sorting out your life. 

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We store old patterns in our living and working space

You wonder why, despite all your efforts you seem to fail year after year, yet you donâ??t stop to think about the patterns that have been stored in your living and working space.  Space clearing restores the balance of harmony, healing and prosperity in your life as it removes all the negativity and old patterns previously released.

Space clearing is important for both your vacated and new building

Space Clearing is imperative when moving, for both the building you are leaving so as not to inflict your transgressions on others, and in the building being moved into so as not to receive the transgressions of previous energy.

By clearing your space, all the changes that need to be brought about in your life will easily be achieved because the old patterns have been released and you are then making room for new, positive, healing and vibrant energy.  Once you have completed that you are then able to start achieving your goals when working on yourself.