Metamorphosis is a gentle, powerful and non-invasive touch therapy.  It permanently removes any and all traumatic events stored subconsciously at cell level and it’s safe and effective at any age.

Metamorphosis literally means transformation; however, in this scenario you donâ??t grow beautiful wings and fly off into the sunset and live happily ever after, although the analogy does apply. 

Metamorphosis heals you from the inside out.

Metamorphosis – a phenomenal gift to humankind!

Metamorphosis is based on three modalities:  Eye Bates System (which is how our emotional state affects our vision); Naturopathy (the bodyâ??s ability to heal itself) and Reflexology (pressure point treatment of the gestational time line) and was discovered by Robert St. John in the late 1930â??s. 

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And a phenomenal gift was given to humankind!

Take credit for your own healing and growth

The journey through this process strips away all our illusions and allows us to see situations in our lives from a whole new perspective helping us empower ourselves, by taking responsibility and credit for our own healing and growth.

It is such an extraordinary experience knowing that every action and reaction has a ripple effect, so affecting change within yourself can only affect change in everything around you……Wow!

We are made up of our history

Despite our continuous fear of change and growth, Metamorphosis enables you to grow beyond your history.  History or memory is not only what we perceive to be our memory (the mind) but also physical or sub-conscious (cell memory). 

This memory is the memory that we are unaware of because weâ??ve inherited it, as far back as seven generations.

Think about your life and your history, include your family history as well â?? now, think about how much of that is evident in your own life when patterns reveal themselves as â??out of characterâ? behaviour for yourself. 

It really is amazing when you understand that all our history influences our lives everyday. Whether itâ??s behavioral; physical or emotional, in one way or another it plays out in our own lives. 

This; however, is not the problem, the only problem is, that itâ??s not our cross to bear.

Metamorphosis can release you from your past

For some mysterious reason we feel we have to take responsibility for everyone elseâ??s stuff and fail to reflect on our own.

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself enough to make the changes you need to be the best that you can be.  What makes it all worth while in the end, is that by loving yourself enough to do whatâ??s best for you, you then also teach those around you, by example that itâ??s okay for them to love themselves.

You now have the choice to be released from your past with old wounds healed, living every area of your life in the moment and truly free.

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