Aside from moving to a whole different continent for six months every year, one of the biggest changes this sabbatical has made is that I live with tiny humans when I’m on this side of the ocean.

To understand why this is such a shock to the system, I need to explain that I’ve never been particularly fond of babies.

I was never the one to coo over strange people’s children and my biological clock never ticked loud enough to be heard over my thrilling plans for world domination.

Which is not to say I’m violently opposed to kids: I love my nieces and nephews and am quite fond of my friends’ children, which I suspect works because they go home to their parents after a few hours.

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As you can imagine it was quite a shock to the system moving in with two children under two.

Fast forward to over a year later and I have adjusted and am blissfully happy living with humans who can go to brunch but not drink mimosas.

Fast forward to over a year later and I have adjusted and am blissfully happy living with humans who can go to brunch but not drink mimosas

Because I’m a writer I’m always observing life and it has come to my attention that there are certain areas in life when these kids are winning at life so we should be taking notes

The first thing I observed is that the little ones think EVERYTHING is fun

Bath time is a blast, car rides are epic and cartoon shows on Youtube are legendary. Even nappy changes are a giggle fest.

It got me thinking that as adults most of us tend to separate the serious stuff and reserve fun times for certain activities. Clearly there is room for improvement in this way of thinking.

The other thing I admire is how little time toddlers spend worrying about food

When you put something in front of them they will either gobble it up enthusiastically or throw it on the floor to indicate their lack of interest.

They do not worry about gluten free diets, organic cheese or do crazy things like go vegetarian for the month of April in yet another weight-loss effort. I really aspire to these levels of Zen when it comes to my diet.

While I truly envy the mandatory afternoon naps, the most important lesson I have learnt from the tots has nothing to do with enviable downtime.

Instead I admire their ability to always be living in the present

There might be tears and body-shaking tantrums on the hour, but by five minutes past, that awful Peppa Pig show will have the the squad quietly entranced.

It’s quite fascinating to watch, I’m still not sure if they are genuinely that magnanimous or if their memory has not developed enough to be petty.

Either way it’s beautiful to behold.