You don’t need to wash a duvet, comforter, or eiderdown

Over washing will actually slowly degrade the quality of the stuffing, whether it’s feathers or hollow fibre.

Unless you actually spill something on your duvet or comforter, rather wash just the cover to keep everything fresh and clean, and leave the inner out of it.

Remember to keep the inner in its cover as much as possible for the same reasons – you don’t want surface dirt getting at the inner.

Grocery containers can be gross

We have all done this one – we get home from shopping and pop everything in the fridge as is.

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While plastic wrap looks like it should be your best storage bet, it often isn’t.

Greens and similar salad ingredients will benefit from being washed and spun on the spot, then popped in airtight containers.

Meat products are also safer [and less likely to leak] in air-tight containers rather than permeable polystyrene trays.

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