Creaky floorboards? From betraying your midnight snack runs to driving you nuts when the kids play in the house, they’re an annoying and noisy common household problem quite simply. Fortunately, you can actually tackle this…

It could be as simple as a dusting [of talc]

Talcum powder or cornstarch dusted over the creaky boards may be enough to calm down the nighttime chorus. Creaks usually occur because of friction between the board and the nail, so when weight is applied it ‘sings’ a little like a cricket. These powders can safely lubricate the area, ensuring that you hear less squeaking.

Re-nail the floor

If you can’t get relief the easy way, it’s time to break out the big guns. Some 60mm wood screws should do the trick. You won’t need to remove the ones already in the plank, just screw some new ones right in next to them. This will solve issues where the floorboard has come loose from the supporting joist. Just make sure you are fixing the board to the joist, and not any cables or pipes that run under the floor!

Blessed silence was never so easy!

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