Productive things you can do in 5 minutes

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These days life is so busy, yet I often find myself waiting around, killing time... so, what productive tasks can you do in just five minutes?...

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These days life is so busy, so full urgency, yet I often find myself dashing to the next event and then waiting around, killing time. Waiting for school to come out, for the bath water to run, for the queue of cars to move through the local drive-thru. Mostly it’s only for five minutes at a time, but that got me thinking… what productive tasks can I do in five minutes?

The very first thing to do is write a to-do list. It really does only take five minutes to write down your daily to-do list, but beyond that, be sure to write down a daily goal as well as a weekly goal that you are striving toward. Make a second list of five-minute tasks and stick it on the fridge. Whenever you find yourself with five minutes to spare, consult the list and tick something off. Mine includes jobs like clear the top of the microwave, file away paid bills and donate the shoes the kids have grown out of.

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