Back in 1987, I was seven years old. I was in love with the neon, Lycra leggings my mom had made me and I’d pair them with an oversized jersey and a side ponytail – the height of cool!

That year saw a bunch of rad shows being broadcast for our viewing pleasure – back when TVs were still fat; when you had to wait a week to see the next instalment of your favourite show; and when you kept a radio handy for those programmes that had been dubbed into Afrikaans, so you had to tune in to the English simulcast on Radio 2000.

It was also an iconic time in music history. It was the year Guns ‘n Roses released their quintessential album, Appetite for Destruction; Def Leppard invited us to rock out with their album, Hysteria; and U2 (pictured above) released The Joshua Tree which sold over 14 million copies worldwide that year alone and went on to win the band the Grammy for “Album of the Year”.

Prepare to feel old! We check out the kiffest stuff, both locally and internationally, that turns 30 in 2017.

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