Three winter decorating ideas

Having recently revamped a few of the chalets in the Kgalagadi Lodge, a luxury lodge in the Northern Cape, co-owner Denise Koortzen knows that the right décor items make all the difference.

If you want to create a warm and welcoming feel in your home for winter, Koortzen, interior decorator of Kgalagadi Lodge, has a few tips to share…

1. Add chunky knits

I decided to use natural coloured chunky knitted throws, knitted scatter cushion covers, pillows, furniture and rugs in the chalets to create an earthy look and feel.

It’s best is to combine the knitted items with modern décor pieces. If you decide to match the knitted items with a colourful piece, make sure they complement each other.

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When playing with colour, always be careful to keep it modern and stylish. In winter, I love using colourful pillows and throws to make a room look warmer and more welcoming.

2. The warmth of light

Using the correct lighting can make your home feel warm and inviting.

In my experience, a large free-standing floor lamp usually works best next to a big chair or sofa, or even as a décor item on its own.

Smaller lamps need to be placed as part of décor set-up or theme. When placing a small lamp, make sure it works in that specific spot, even when it is not switched on, otherwise it might just look lost. Take into consideration what other décor items you’re placing next to it, what colour wall you place it against, what’s the theme of the set-up you’re going for, does it shine up or down. All of these factors play a role to make sure the lamp complements the décor of the entire room. Lights are so beautiful – play around with them and have fun with lighting.

I have also recently started hanging bulbs from the ceiling to create a beautiful rustic, modern look. To get the look perfect, use the correct colour bulbs: warm white in winter and cool white in summer.

3. Wooden features for a rustic look

The great thing about incorporating wooden features is that it does not need to be an expensive exercise – you could make them yourself and use a second-hand material such wooden pallets.

Play around with different textures of wood. I used bulky pieces, with rough finishes, in our chalets and it looks stunning.

You could also incorporate wooden features in your home by using small tree stumps as coffee tables and place firewood in a basket next to the fireplace.

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