Lerato added her voice to the debate surrounding SAA after a user asked her about the issue

“Which airline were you working for? Another airline has just been called ‘trash’,” the user wrote.

Lerato responded to the user, saying, “Lol remember SAA is struggling, they’ve lost over 10.5 billion over the past years, they honestly trying their level best (sic)”

She went on to say that although some might disagree, she believes that SAA is the “best airline in Africa”.

“Even though they may seem dodgy, they still the best Airline in Africa, we obviously can’t compare them to countries that LIVE on oil…lol (sic)”

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Taking to Twitter, Bonang revealed that she did not enjoy the food that was served and asked the carrier to investigate and up their game

“@flysaa we don’t like the couscous. Also that meal with the stew. Please hey. Also the funny cheese platter what what. Please,” she wrote.

The airline responded to Bonang’s tweet, saying, “Hi, please note that other passengers enjoyed the meals.”

Their reply ruffled Bonang’s feathers who then went on to say that the airline is “trash”.

“Better response would’ve been-“Sorry. How can we improve our customer service”. Trash airline (sic),” she said.

Author: Team Talk