I am not a chocolate addict. I mean I do go overboard sometimes, but my theory is that when you buy a whole slab it is meant to be eaten straight away. Everyone knows that once you open a bar of chocolate it goes stale!

So my children are over the legal age limit for Easter eggs, but they still demand them. I am happy to indulge in this chocolate addiction … but of course any responsible parent has to make sure of the quality of the Easter eggs.

I’m a stickler for chocolate quality and on one occasion I bought three lots of Easter eggs in an effort to make quite sure the chocolate was top quality. I think I gained five kilograms – such dedication.

The problem is that every year the chocolate factories bring out new flavours and designs and one has to choose wisely.

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I was particularly impressed with the mini eggs that had strawberry filling. Yummy! I am also quite a fan of those that have Smarties in them or the ones that have caramel filling. Delicious!

Those marshmallow eggs are not really for the likes of me – the connoiseur – but I do manage to make my way through a few boxes. Every year.

My children used to do a traditional egg hunt but Gregg would invariably find all the eggs and Cheri would end up in tears. I had to force him to share. It does not come naturally to him. I made sure I found any extra eggs that were undiscovered and ate them – just to make sure the dogs did not find them and get sick!

I did read that chocolate gives you a similar sensation to an orgasm – so that must be the reason I love chocolate

My dismal sex life and lack of orgasms … besides it sounds better on one’s CV if it says chocolate addict rather than sex addict!

Strelitzia Sunshine is menopausal, mad and was ditched by her ex who married the dog trainer. Read her diary entries in Mad days with Strelitzia Sunshine www.strelitziasunshine.blogspot.com