Bedwetting: A sensitive subject for many South African parents

Bedwetting is a sensitive subject for many South African parents to discuss openly. The question we need to ask is why?

There are many factors that influence this answer; parents may feel embarrassed, they are not aware of the fact that bedwetting, in most cases, is merely a developmental phase. They are also often unsure of how to make their child feel more comfortable during this stage in their life. Kimberly-Clark understands this and has recently launched DryNites® Pyjama Pants, a product aimed at helping both parents and children manage bedwetting confidently and comfortably.

Talking about it openly

The medical term for bedwetting is ‘nocturnal enuresis’, which is summarised as the involuntary discharge of urine after the age at which bladder control should have been established. Research has shown that up to 25% of children at the age of four and an estimated 10% of South African children aged between four and 15 experience bedwetting. With these numbers being so prominent there is a need to start talking about this subject openly.

Reasons for bedwetting

There can be numerous reasons for bedwetting. In most cases, it’s linked to delays in physiological development, children are unique and each child develops at a different pace. It could also stem from being in a very deep sleep, or a bowel issue like constipation. Bedwetting could also be caused by psychological problems that result from issues at school or a change in family dynamics.

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Something that parents need to realise is that bedwetting is nobody’s fault; it is not linked to the way in which parents have raised their child and more importantly, it is also not the child’s fault.

Children are not conscious when bedwetting occurs which means that they are naturally unaware and not in control of their bladder at this time. The best thing a parent can do for a child that experiences bedwetting, is to not make it a big deal when it happens and reassure the child that it was just an accident. This will help to maintain their confidence and self-esteem. Scolding or getting irritated could make the child feel more vulnerable and add to their stress level.

DryNites® Pyjama Pants are there to assist parents and children to confidently manage bedwetting. “DryNites® have been specifically designed to help growing children manage the bedwetting phase by providing unbeatable overnight protection, meaning a better night’s sleep for you and your child. If we can help manage bedwetting effectively and without a fuss, it is the best gift we can give to them,” says Morné van Emmenes, DryNites® Senior Brand Manager.

DryNites® Pyjama Pants are a discreet, comfortable and absorbent form of bedtime protection. They can be worn under pyjamas or a nightie and come in designs suitable for age and gender to make them look and feel just like underwear.

“DryNites® offers trusted night-time protection allowing your child to have a good night’s sleep and wake up dry allowing them to restore feelings of ‘normalcy’ and help build their confidence and self-esteem,” concludes van Emmenes.

For more information on DryNites® Pyjama Pants and for a free sample visit  DryNites® Pyjama Pants are currently available nationwide in Clicks stores and on