Babies learn more when they feel at home

Everywhere your baby turns, there’s something new and exciting to discover. Surrounding baby with opportunities to learn through the joy of play, in the comfort of a familiar environment, is what its all about.

When children feel at home, they’ll open up to play even more – which leads to more fun, and more learning. We all know that little ones grow and change quickly, and so does the way they learn and play.

When choosing toys for your little one remember the following:

  • Provide baby with well-chosen toys, especially ones that encourage activity and exploration – a good way to reward actions
  • Baby’s muscles develop from the top down (head to foot, that is) and outward from the middle of the body. This means that head and arm control emerge before leg and foot control. Progress comes from the centre of the body outward; babies can hold their body steady before they can manipulate their hands. While it won’t harm a baby to expose them to toys before their bodies are ready to take advantage of them, it’s best to introduce a baby to new challenges patiently. 
  • Finding products and toys to match your baby’s pace is the key to raising an enthusiastic learner. By associating fun and play with learning, you will help create a lifelong aptitude for acquiring new skills.
  • Activity centres are an especially fun and effective way to foster your baby’s continual exploration and brain power. These centres combine the independence of stand-up experimentation and countless toys with which your baby grows.
  • In Storybook Rhymes, your baby will be learning first words, letters, numbers, shapes and how to count… and more. A handle at the top makes it easy to carry – so much learning fun in store!

Some parents find this constant acquisition exciting, others feel wistful as their baby grows in leaps and bounds, always missing the last stage. Your baby’s new stages will bring new thrills, new accomplishments, along with new challenges. Be patient and encouraging – and keep that camera loaded.

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