As a teenager, Empire Records was by far my favourite movie. I had a bootlegged copy on VHS and I watched it so many times I could repeat the script on cue.

Die-hard fans, like myself, will have celebrated Rex Manning Day on April 8th, but here are some more obscure facts about the movie that you may not have known.

• The music shop which viewers saw from the outside is located on Front Street in downtown Wilmington, North Carolina and at the time of filming, it was a bar. Only the outside, and a few feet within the door, was made up to look like the Empire Records we know and love. The interior scenes were filmed on set at a nearby studio.
• Coyote Shivers, who played Berko in the movie and was the musician behind the hit Sugar High, was married to Bebe Buell at the time of filming, making him Liv Tyler’s stepdad. Awkward, right?
• Tobey Maguire was all set to play the character, Andre, but, even though his scenes had already been filmed, he asked to be released from the film. So, the producers cut the character. Bye, Andre.
• Back in 2013, the boys of Empire Records had a 20-year reunion and Ethan Embry shared a snap on Twitter (below) captioning it, “20 years later.. Empire reunion. Can you spot Warren? Eddie? Berko? A.J.? Mark with a C?”

Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane and look at the stars who played our favourite characters, then and now…

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Image Source: Twitter @EmbryEthan