False eyelash dos & don’ts

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False eyelashes are a brilliant way of adding a touch of drama – here are some guidelines on how to get it right...

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Chantelle Bester
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1 - Don’t pick the longest, flashiest pair of false eyelashes you see in the store – you might end up looking like a Rocky Horror cast member.

2 - Do choose a pair that’s fuller and slightly longer than your own eyelashes. Volume makes as much of an impact as an extra millimetre or two in this case.

3 - Do look for lashes that taper towards the sides (lashes should be shorter in the inner corners especially) as well as towards the end of every invididual lash – theyt will look less artificial.

4 - Do make sure to cover the lash band with make-up – a fine liquid eye liner is a great way of doing it.