Grab a few minutes in the morning

Our night owls have probably just groaned, but hear us out! Mornings can be rushed for everyone, especially if you are responsible for getting more than just yourself organised and out the door, be it pets, kids or a partner who’s bad at mornings. This sets you up for a day of stress and irritability. Getting up ten minutes earlier and snagging that quiet time to read or savour a cup of tea can make all the difference in how you start your day.

Everyone can live without you for half an hour

It’s true! Your boss and your toddler probably have you convinced otherwise, but taking half an hour off in the bathroom for a luxurious pampering session [be it finally taking time to sip wine and relax in a candle-filled bath, or simply having the time to use that beard oil you’ve been longing to try] will not end anyone else’s world. If you find you’re promised some quiet time, but it always ends in endless tapping on the bathroom door and pings on the phone, then ditch the device and invest in some good headphones and rock out to your favourite beats. Everyone will soon learn not to bother you unless there really is a fire somewhere. They’re ok for those 30 minutes, we promise.

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Use your schedule wisely

Schedule ‘me’ time into your calendar too – and don’t give it up for anything! You’re at least as important as that meeting with Adam from accounting and the school play. Learning to prioritise and delegate well will help too.

Remember – you can’t pour from an empty vessel. Take some time to care for yourself and the whole family [and your job] will see the difference.