Budget woes? A little organisation always helps

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Even when we’ve made a realistic budget for our needs, we live such busy lives it can become impossible to tell if we’re sticking to it - and that’s when the trouble starts...

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Make sure you know what’s in your pantry

A number one waste of precious resources in the budget is doubling up on stuff you already have. Shampoos, conditioners, laundry items and food stores are all notorious for being double purchased.

If you’ve ever opened your pantry and wondered why on earth you have seven chilli sauce bottles, it is time to get organised and curb this waste of money monthly. The day before you do your main shopping, make sure you check what’s still in your pantry and that can be taken off the list.

There’s an app for that

Of course there is! Apps help keep everyone organised, and their synch features ensure that all the family are on the same page at all times. Not only are there some great synching budget apps out there so you can both coordinate your spending and keep it on track, but a good shopping list app could help avoid the type of wasteful duplication we mentioned above.

Plus, you and your partner will always be on the same page and know what’s needed without having to make those embarrassing supermarket phone calls. Lastly, a good calendar app can work wonders for ensuring you don’t make wasteful trips for lack of proper route planning.

A little bit of prevention can do a lot to ensure that you stick to your budget. Good luck!