Don’t forget to shut off the water!

You’ll need to shut off the water mains to ensure you don’t make an impromptu fountain. Most sinks will have a separate handle under the sink to do this, or you can make extra sure and turn off the property water at the outside stopcock. Wait a few minutes then open the tap to drain any water that was in the pipes.

Unscrew the tap

There should be a visible screw you can use to unscrew the top of the tap [and any cosmetic features]. Loosen this and remove the unit. You’ll now see the ‘headgear’, held in place by a nut.  Use a spanner to remove the nut and loosen the headgear. Want a pro tip? Make sure you leave the plug in to ensure no small screws or important bits of hardware fall down the drain.

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Insert a new washer

Usually, a leaky tap is caused by a damaged washer. Hook out the old one sitting at the bottom of the headgear, and pop in a new one. You’ll now backtrack the steps to reassemble the tap. Once it’s on tightly, you can turn the water mains back on and double-check everything is working perfectly.

See? It’s easy when you know how! And you’ll get the immense satisfaction of having fixed your own issue without the need to call for help.