When my middle son was three years old, he could navigate to his own Netflix account on both the computer and the TV; had figured out the unlock code on my phone; and could find apps to download by using Google Voice Search. But ask him to drink some juice without spilling, put on his own shoes or pee directly into the toilet and suddenly we had a problem!

These days technology has automated so much of our lives, that often kids are missing out on learning valuable life skills that will set them on the path towards independence. Letting kids figure out how to do things on their own, or with a little parental guidance, can give them a sense of confidence that promotes leadership qualities in later life.

Here are 10 skills all kids should be familiar with by the time they turn 10, are yours?

Above: GPS is great, but a sense of direction is something your child will use every day for the rest of their life. Setting up a treasure hunt, having your child lead the way when you are out and about exploring your city, or taking up geocaching are all excellent ways of teaching navigation.

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