The garden in April

If you live in the Western Cape, the drought has probably taken a toll on your garden.  If you’re wondering how to get it back to its former glory, here are a few tips from Stodels Nurseries for nourishing your garden:

Lush lawn

If a green lawn seems like a distant memory, it may be comforting to know that your browning lawn is probably only in a dormant phase and can be revived.

Mow your lawn a little shorter and feed it with a potassium-rich fertiliser to strengthen it before the winter months

Feed the flowers

Give azaleas, camellias and tea bushes a handful of ‘shake and grow’. Then mulch with compost and water when possible.

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Feed sweet peas with 2:3:2 to encourage healthy growth and abundant flowers in the months ahead. Pinch out side-shoots to encourage upward growth

Care for container plants

Give container plants a boost by feeding them Nitrosol.

Oranges and lemons

Feed citrus trees with a handful of magnesium sulphate. Inspect the leaves carefully for signs of citrus psylla or scale; if you see traces, cover the affected leaves with a generous dose of Margaret Roberts Organic Insect Spray.