Get everyone involved

Somehow, cleaning always ends up a little one-sided. Maybe hubby is at fault, or maybe you’re the one who couldn’t be bothered if the kitchen counter is crummy. Maybe you’re both neat but the kids couldn’t care. It’s not fair that the large burden of cleaning falls on one set of shoulders while everyone else gets away with twiddling a spoon under a tap.  If necessary, get mean with a chore list – and follow up on those chores that lag.

Clean as you go

It’s the simplest advice we can give, yet the number one way to make the ‘big’ clean effortless is clean as you go. In addition, mopping up crumbs and spills as they happen drastically cuts down the chances of staining and/or insects being drawn to the mess.

Tackle a room a day

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If you really want to avoid losing half your weekend to the mop, rather set your schedule so you clean a room a day. Making your task list bite-sized makes for a far simpler and less burdensome clean.

While, unfortunately, cleaning always needs a little effort, we can at least make it a lot easier on ourselves!