Let girls be girls with these great tips on how to choose clothing for your daughter

There are few things in life more fulfilling than watching your child find her feet in the world. Being able to run freely, skip confidently and explore without limitation are crucial parts of a child’s development, and the last thing they need are clothes that hold them back from their next great adventure.

JenniDezigns, a local children’s fashion boutique infused with African spirit, shares tips on how to choose clothing that give little girls the freedom to move, hop, skip and jump to their hearts’ content.

1. Opt for fabrics that are kind to skin

When it comes to children’s clothing, natural fabrics are your best bet. Not only will this ensure your child is comfortable enough to play and even take a nap in their outfit, but it will also prevent her skin from getting irritated by scratchy, abrasive synthetic materials.

Opt for 100% cotton fabrics, avoiding polyester and other heavier materials that could also cause her to overheat.

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2. Choose designs and styles that are easy to move around in

While dressing your daughter in trendy and stylish outfits certainly makes for a great Instagram post, it may not be the most comfortable or versatile option for her, especially during playtime. To give her the freedom to move and play without feeling restricted by her clothes, avoid body-hugging or tight clothes. When helping her try on clothing, make sure she can lift her arms up above her head, bend her knees and sit cross-legged with ease.

3. Make her feel special

Most little girls love to play dress-up in outfits that make them feel special. Make your little one feel like African royalty in a dress made by JenniDezigns – each item is hand-crafted by local seamstresses using authentic Shweshwe material and is specially designed for girls between the ages of two and seven years old. The styles are even given their own unique African name to share this special story.

4. Keep it simple

Elaborate clothing and accessories never make it easy to run around a playground or roll about in the grass. It’s important to remember that kids will be kids, and that their clothes need to be simple enough and hardy to allow them to get dirty without worrying about ruining their outfit.

5. Let her choose

Sometimes we focus too much on what we think is best for our kids to wear and forget to give them room to explore. Allowing your daughter to choose her own outfits and dress herself gives her the freedom to express herself and develop an identity of her own. It really doesn’t matter if the clothes she picks out don’t match, or if she wants to pair her special Sunday dress with gumboots to play in the sandbox! Let her experiment – it’s part of the journey!

Visit www.jennidezigns.clothing to place your order and make your daughter’s day!

About JenniDezigns

JenniDezigns was established in 2015 by mother-daughter duo, Jenny (the designer) & Sam (her daughter), who both share a passion for allowing children to be children, and with this the freedom to dress like children.

This passion intertwined with the rich South African ShweShwe prints and classic girls’ clothing styles is what makes a signature JenniDezigns garment. Each item is handmade, with a focus on quality and ethical production values and supply chain management.

The current range is aimed at girls aged two-seven years, where every day is an occasion to get dressed for. The SS16/17 range includes practical every day and party wear and are all made to the highest quality to ensure comfort and durability for active children.