â??Choosing which furniture to invest in is a big decision â?? one that you will have to live with for a number of years. So it is important that you consider your decisions carefully,â? says Anton Odendaal from leading furniture retailer, Rochester.

Here are Odendaalâ??s tips for investing in beautiful furniture that offers you maximum comfort and durability.

What is it for?

â??The first question that needs to be asked when buying furniture for your lounge is how it will be used,â? says Odendaal.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you make a purchase:

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  • How many people in your home will use it on a regular basis?

  • Is it for occasional use or daily use?

  • Is it for kids or will it only be used by adults?

  • Will you just sit on it or will you be lying down on it for a movie marathon?

  • Are you interested in motion furniture for supreme comfort?

  • Do you want it to have more than one purpose, such as a sleeper couch for example?

These questions will help ascertain what kind of furniture you will need, as well as what it should be made of or covered in, and its size.

â??If, for example, you have small kids and your living room is compact, then the Cooper two-piece Daybed from Rochester is a good choice. The leather upholstery means that it is hardwearing and easy to clean, which caters for it needing to co-exist with your kids, and its compact size and chaise section will make the most of the space you have,â? says Odendaal.

â??On the other hand, if you are single and your lounge is an impeccably decorated masterpiece, then perhaps you would consider the La Croix two-piece daybed with two headrests â?? its formal and contemporary design and white leather upholstery really makes a statement.â?

Measuring up

The size of your living room will largely dictate the size of the lounge suite you will buy.

â??An overstuffed room will feel claustrophobic and small, but a room with too little furniture or one that has been furnished with pieces that are too small for the space, will seem empty,â? says Odendaal, â??Itâ??s a fine balance to strike between your room appearing and feeling homely, and just seeming cluttered. What you want is for it to seem spacious, yet still warm and welcoming.â?

The contemporary and sophisticated Bentley six-piece corner lounge suite from Rochester for example, comes with two foldaway headrests, along with an extra retractable chaise that can be neatly stored away under the couch when not in use.

If youâ??re going to purchase a sleeper couch, like the Dulce 2 from Rochester, you need to make sure that it still fits into the room as a bed.

The height of the couch is also important. If the couch is going to sit under a window, you need to check that the height wonâ??t block the view.

Style file

When investing in lounge furniture from Rochester, youâ??re not limited to buying a traditional three-two-one-lounge suite. Instead, you can choose to buy whichever pieces best suit your individual needs,â? says Odendaal.

â??Modular furniture is exceptionally popular at the moment â?? people like the fact that a modular seating design allows you to customise the layout of the furniture to suit changing needs,â? says Odendaal.

Modular furniture can be assembled in various ways and taken apart to fit the room and your needs. Modular sofas come in many different shapes, styles and sizes and are perfect for larger spaces, as well as smaller ones.

â??Modular sofas, like Rochesterâ??s Juno suite for example, allows you to tailor-make it to suit any particular space. It is a corner unit and you can custom order it to suit your space exactly â?? perhaps you would like a four-seater on one side, and a two-seater on the other; or perhaps you would like a three-seater alongside a five-seater â?? the choice is yours. From large to small, it can be crafted for a perfect customised fit.â?

The big squeeze

Taking correct measurements is so important when youâ??re in the market for new furniture. You should also check to see if any of the components, such as legs or headrests for example, can be removed and factor that in too.

Be sure to measure the doors in your home as well, says Odendaal. â??Trying to get a massive couch through a tiny doorway is no fun at all. You need to make sure when buying a new piece for your home that it can get inside your house â?? so measure all the entryway points to make sure the furniture will fit through.â?