Go organic

Organic is on the tip of everyoneâ??s tongue, be it in food fashion, and now even décor. So how does this trend translate to the world of interiors?

â??Quite simply, organic shapes and patterns are in,â? explains Sue Scott from Grafton Everest, as we stroll past the Passion suite and Nest chair.

Itâ??s all about forms inspired by nature, so think curvaceous couches with soft rounded edges, and upholstery with leaf and floral infused patterns. â??The continuous flow of contour lines and soothing shapes gives these pieces a calming effect despite their substantial size, which is exactly what we need in this fast-paced world,â? says Scott.

Nice pins

â??They may be right at the bottom of the sofa, but your sofa legs make a serious statement, in much the same way shoes make or break an outfit,â? smiles Scott, pointing out the contemporary brushed chrome legs on the Bari three-piece lounge suite and the on-trend Odyssey three-piece lounge suite.

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Slim tapered legs in particular are very on-trend at the moment, and give a sofa a sleek minimalist edge.

â??Dainty legs on a substantial sofa may seem unsound, but rest assured theyâ??ve been put through their paces, so not only are they designed to withstand a large amount of weight, but they look oh so sexy doing it, much like a good pair of stilettos,â? smiles Scott.

Art deco revival

â??The Art Deco movement of the 1920s and â??30s is making a huge comeback in the design world thanks to films such as The Great Gatsby,â? says Scott.

Todayâ??s Art Deco-inspired designs mimic the elegant forms of that era, but they also boast a subtle modern twist â?? often with sleeker lines and the latest cutting-edge fabrics.

â??Furniture from bygone eras has a certain romance and nostalgia associated with it, and thatâ??s probably why weâ??re seeing more and more people gravitating towards these kinds of designs.â?

The bare minimum

Modernist artists, such as Mondrian, were way ahead of their time, and weâ??re still seeing their influence in the design world today.

The primary colours, precise lines and colour blocking effect of Mondrianâ??s signature pieces are reflected in the Titan and Guess sofas, creating a graphic statement that instantly inspires and looks good from all angles.

â??When designing our sofas we strive for that modern edge without compromising on quality and comfort,â? explains Scott, as we take a breather on this modern reclining wonder.

â??Nowadays comfort needn’t be synonymous with oversized misshapen couches, as modern technology has allowed sofa design to evolve, giving consumers contemporary style and supreme comfort.â?