Scars obtained in childhood can be the most difficult to overcome, even when one finally reaches adulthood

Just ask Zahara who, despite growing up to be a multi-platinum-selling musician, still remembers the pain that was caused by children who labeled her “ugly” when she was growing up.

Speaking to Drum magazine, Zahara opened up about her recent fitness and beauty journey which has helped her get into better shape and also transform her personal style in photoshoots.

However, it wasn’t always this easy. According to Zahara, kids picked on her for virtually anything

“I was made fun of for my crooked teeth and they told me my voice was too big, ‘bathi ndingu Nongayindoda’ (I was too masculine).”

Happy me..

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However, Zahara reveals that these words have inspired her to take more positive action in her life.

“I take care of myself now and the way I look is important to me. I work out more, I eat well and I take care of my image,”

Which year?

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We’re incredibly proud of her for turning negative emotions into positive results. We must encourage our children to stand up against bullying in schools.