There is always a reason to spoil and indulge yourself with gorgeous lingerie – and nothing is more flaunting and fabulous than a corset.

Fashion certainly has progressed: you can now wear trendy underwear as outerwear …

… and corsets are certainly one of the trendiest, tying up all the loose ends!

Women can now enjoy more freedom in fashion than ever before, and we are increasingly embracing the beauty of our feminine shapes and curves.

In the 18th and 19th century, corsets were possibly the most severe fashionable sacrifice that women had to subject themselves to, in order to fit in with the notions of beauty in their time.

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Then, in the 20th century when fashion started to change, and being the adaptable creatures that we are, the corset has become the item that now provides the perfect mould to accentuate our desirable feminine shape.

So yes, corsets are back and they must be worn over clothing to mark your waist in a much more relaxed manner.

The likes of the Kardashian bandage range lack the backbone and pretty much the majority of the crucial components that define this undergarment.

The modern-day corset is now the waist clincher which certainly brings your waist down, but is subject to your commitment to the process of ‘waist training’ and your body shape.

As a once-off wearer, it is vital that you have a properly fitted corset to maximise reduction.

Tight lacing was the fashion in the early years of corsetry, and because of the history of the undergarment, it has sometimes been subject to incorrect assumptions and beliefs about the dramatic risks to the wearer’s health.

In fact, modern-day corsets have now proven to be of help with back pain, correct posture, and past injuries such as vertebral fractures and slipped discs. So lace up, ladies!

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