Our renewable energy programme has been hailed globally as one of the most advanced and successful in introducing renewable energy to the grid. In 2016, Eskom refused to sign the full number of contracts that were awarded as part of the programme.

This move halted SA’s renewable energy potential and its many benefits to South Africans.

Use your power and ask Eskom to lift the brakes on renewable energy in South Africa

The petition will be delivered to Eskom to coincide with the annual Earth Hour campaign.

Sign here now //earthhour.org.za/petition/

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What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is a global call for the protection of the planet and for people to take a stand against climate change.

What began as a local event in Sydney, Australia, in 2007, has exploded into a worldwide symbolic event focused on switching off the lights for one hour, and to take climate action.

2016 saw an unprecedented 178 countries and territories participating and over 400 landmarks’ lights being switched off

Each year on the last Saturday in March, hundreds of thousands use their collective voice to inspire, motivate and lead the charge on their hopes, dreams and concerns about the planet.

On home soil, South Africans were switched on to the power of Earth Hour in 2009, ahead of the climate change talks in Copenhagen, Denmark. This momentum led WWF South Africa to inspire many more South Africans to sign up and switch off.

Every year Earth Hour mobilises more support for the planet, exceeding expectations and inspiring change on various environmental concerns:

  • Fighting deforestation in Uganda
  • A 10-year freeze on a new oil project in the Arctic
  • The creation of a national park in Malaysia
  • A reduction in energy usage in Brunei Darussalam and stronger climate change laws in Scotland and Switzerland

In South Africa, inspiring people and organisations to use their power and say yes to renewable energy

Sign the petition to stop Eskom from putting the brakes on renewable energy in South Africa

Attention Cape Town readers: Join this exciting Earth Hour adventure and show your support