Make your own outdoor furniture

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Don’t waste money on an expensive outdoor sofa unit – make one yourself! Here’s how …

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A lovely, comfortable spot outside to recline and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air sounds like a dream.

An expensive one that is! A large, outdoor sofa or corner unit can easily fetch tens of thousands of rands, so why not take up the challenge of making your own! With this simple-to-follow digital tutorial with animated instructions you’ll be well on your way to making your fully customised outdoor furniture. And you’ll save some pretty pennies in the process!

If you don’t have any wood cutting experience or the right tools to do it, you can have all your wood cut for you at your local hardware store.

Then all that’s required is to assemble! Easy! Once you have the wooden frame completed, have your cushions made to fit in whatever colour you like and you’re done.

Watch the full tutorial in the video below:


Happy making!