Shoe blues? No more - follow these guidelines …

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Shoes are almost every girl’s best friend, but it’s tough when they let you down. Here are some tips and tricks you should know ...

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Scuffed patent leather?

The gleam of patent leather is seductive, but it starts looking bad quickly when you get a scuff. Luckily a little Vaseline applied with an ear bud will solve the problem.

Scuffed suede?

If it’s suede that’s looking grungy, a special suede brush or nail file will buff out. Just be gentle, though.

Watermarked leather?

Don’t pick at that leather water mark and risk ruining your shoe. A little vinegar on a toothbrush will soon work that mark out and you’ll be looking good again.

Boots won’t zip?

Good old Vaseline is your friend again here. Or rub a little bit of candle wax up and down the zip. Sticky zips will be a thing of the past.

Need to boost that shine?

Of course, we’ve all had that morning when your shoes need a buff but you’re all out of shoe polish. A small amount of hand or body lotion will do the trick! Rub in gently until it is all absorbed. If the shoes are patent leather, a spritz of glass cleaner works like magic.

Never worry about replacing expensive shoes again - you can fix up that damage in a heartbeat.