3 Cosmetic products that can be swopped for natural alternatives

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Most of our bathroom cabinets are filled with chemical- and preservative-rich cosmetics – here are three ways to incorporate natural alternatives …

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Chantelle Bester
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1 - Switch your regular face cleanser for an all-natural cleansing oil. You can play around with combinations of oils (try, jojoba, coconut and grapeseed with a couple of drops of rose geranium essential oil) or use single ingredient plant oils on their own.

2 - Make your own body scrub by combining plant oils, salt and sugar. You can make a six-month supply in bulk as long as you store the tubs in glass jars in a dark cupboard. You can find a recipe here.

3 - You can make yourself an all-over oil that can be used for hair, body and skin. Simply mix your favourite vegetable oil with a few drop of essential oil – this makes it smell good and also adds beneficial properties according to the oils selected.