4 Ways to turn day make-up into night

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If you’re heading to a party straight from the office, here’s how to refresh your make-up for a more sultry look …

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Chantelle Bester
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1 - Dab concealer onto any areas that need a bit of coverage – red cheeks, under-eye circles and pimples are usually the main areas that need attention. Be sure to blend the concealer in well.

2 - Add a slick of liquid eyeliner to your upper lash line. It’s easy enough to do over existing make-up, and instantly increases the drama by a couple of notches.

3 - Sweep some highlighting powder over your cheekbones, nose and brow bones. It instantly makes you look more ‘made up’’and evening appropriate.

4 - Pick a red or berry shade of lipstick and apply it as a final touch.