Need a celeb-inspired hair makeover? Here’s how you can get really stylish dual coloured hair.

One colour up top, another at the roots

Go black and brown or even bolder with black and grey, purple or blue. Here’s how you can get this killer look.

Hair to dye for

  • You will need two boxes of Dark and Lovely colour intensity (R29,99, Pick ‘n Pay) to dye your hair.
  • Use a dark colour (preferably black or dark brown) for your roots and another colour for the rest of your hair.
  • While waiting for the dye to process at the roots, spritz Black Pearl African Oil Blend (R75, Game) on the length of your hair. This will condition dry ends and helps the dye glide through thick or coarse hair.
  • After doing the roots, continue dyeing the rest of your hair.

Maintain your look

  • To maintain your colour, use only Redken colour extend shampoo (R225, Redken salons countrywide) to wash your hair
  • In six weeks, touch up the roots.
  • In 12 weeks, repeat the entire process from the beginning.
Image: YouTube