Why is it that we usually wait for visitors or birthdays for it to be an occasion? 

Surely every day weâ??re alive is occasion enough and cause to celebrate? I decided years ago that mealtimes and tea times should be occasions. I started setting the table using my favourite crockery, serviettes and my favourite table décor items, creative cutlery! 

Salad never looked this good

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To me, there is nothing better than a salad served with lovely servers – it makes a simple salad look amazing!

The lovely Salad Servers (R255 per set), Mouse Cheese Knife (R80) and Butter Knives (R85) can be found at The Pickled Fish. 

Stunning cutlery has a way of saying mealtimes are important. Otherwise you may as well just use plastic cutlery.  

What about tea times?

I always feel like I am spoiling myself rotten when I take out my fine china teacup, use my beautiful heart scoop ladle teaspoon and make tea just for me!  It makes me feel like I am having high tea at Tiffanyâ??s.

Pictured here are Heart Scoop Teaspoons (R60 each), Fat Heart Teaspoons (R350 for a set of six) and Open Heart Teaspoons (R220 for a set of four). 

For me, decadence is eating that oh so lovely dark moist chocolate cake with a gorgeous cake fork. The heart shaped ends make me feel like I am lost in a world of whimsy and pretty. 

So the next time you feel like prettying up your life – set your table using your best crockery, cutlery and linen and celebrate life!

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