What a delight to peek inside the recently renovated kitchen of Fiona Rossiter, author of inspirational lifestyle blog Super Mom Blog. 

If youâ??re considering a kitchen makeover, hereâ??s excellent advice from Fiona… 

For me the kitchen is essentially the heart of the home. Itâ??s a place where you spend a great deal of time, especially as a mom!

I had had my eye on a gorgeous Smeg gas/electric oven, which I was treated to as an early Christmas present. Our original oven was much smaller so in order to fit the new one in, we had to move kitchen cabinets. Instead of refurbishing the original cabinets, we decided to have new free-standing units made.

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This is what our kitchen looked like before…

And this is what it looked like after… 

Suppliers Details: Kitchen Cabinets: Hollywood Furniture, Le Creuset Pot: Le Creuset, Espresso Cups & Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer: @Home, Red Canisters: Heart and Home & Smeg Cooker & Hood: Dion Wired

Have are a few lessons I learnt while undertaking this mini kitchen makeover…

Collate inspiration

It is important to gather inspiration before you begin any renovation project.

I used Pinterest, a virtual pin board, to find colour schemes I liked. I gathered images and created mood boards which you can see on my blog. You can also use everyday items such as pots, coffee cups and even tea towels to help you formulate design ideas as I did below… 

It is impossible to be 100% certain of the outcome and you’ll probably change your mind along the way but you at least you’ll have a starting point.

Outline the objectives

Decide which aspects of the kitchen are most important to you, whether it be the design, functionality or a bit of both. Our renovation centred on the new cooker and hood so although design is important, functionality and good quality equipment was a high priority.

Never rush a renovation

The kitchen is a place you spend a great deal of time so itâ??s important to get the renovation right the first time. 

I had initially chosen granite for the counters but we experienced a delay in which time I decided that granite would have made the space too dark. I was disappointed by the delay but it gave me time to rethink the granite counters. I’m so happy with the result of using oak counters instead.


Have a bit of fun with your design choices, add some colour and make your kitchen unique. If you keep the basics fairly neutral, such as your big appliances, you can add colour in your cabinets, wall colour or tiles.

Plan to re-purpose

Try to re-purpose items from your original kitchen, especially if you are replacing your cabinets! We reused some of our cabinets in our scullery  you could use them in your garage for storage space.

About Fiona Rossiter

Fiona is a Capetonain blogger with a passion for all things beautiful and creative. Her inspirational lifestyle blog, Super Mom Blog, focuses on everything from fashion to motherhood. She has also started another project called â??a beautiful lifeâ? in which she explores and shares her love of cooking and photography.