Last updated on Mar 17th, 2017 at 01:59 pm

Parents are a breed of people on their own

Nothing compares to the on-the-job training children provide parents. Nothing. From patience beyond comprehension to the ability to work through any catastrophe without freaking out, parents are a breed of people all their own.

Below are nine of the many ways in which parents make the best employees:

1. Parents can go at least six weeks with little to no sleep, and still do one hell of a job.

2. A stone-cold poker face during standoffs, bluffs and negotiations is a parent’s specialty.

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3. Parents possess all the patience it takes to cater to, and please, a tyrannical temper-tantrum-throwing boss.

4. Parents are used to cleaning up messes they didn’t make, with minimal or no complaint.

5. Parents can handle being constantly interrupted by whining clients and needy bosses and still get their sh!t done.

6. Parents can spend hours pretending to be interested in a task, conversation or event, while smiling and nodding the entire time.

7. Giving their all and working their butt off with very little recognition or appreciation, is status quo to a parent.

8. Parents are professional hand-feeding, tear-drying, butt-wiping, problem-solving, arbitration dynamos.

9. Parents can smell a load of crap from a mile away and instantly know if it’s hot air or real turds.