Landscaping small gardens

With a little design know-how even the most petite of patios or the tiniest of balconies can become a beautiful space.

This is according to Stone etc founder Mimi Rupp. Here are her tips for designing a small garden …

1. Line it up

Long, straight lines trick you into thinking a small yard or small garden landscape is bigger than it is.

To take full advantage of this illusion, subtly slant the far end of the lines toward one another and create a focal point A focal point draws the eye’s attention and is a great small yard landscaping idea as it can help make outdoor spaces feel tidy.

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2. Add interest

Mix unexpected elements, like paving, lawn, hardscape, and container plantings. It adds visual interest to a small garden so that you hardly notice the size of the space.

3. Frame a view

A simple pergola gives small garden landscaping a grand feel. Arbours and pergolas are classic small yard landscaping ideas and a great way to frame a view, but you can do the same with shrubs, small trees, or even pieces of garden art.

4. Look for nooks

Break up open areas of a small space so it feels larger. Use different furniture groupings and paths to create attractive and restful nooks.

5. Be bold

Big, bold tropical plants create a lush feel, especially in a small landscape. Large leaves can change the scale of a small backyard to help it feel larger while their unusual shape boosts the ‘cool’ factor of the space.