Check for leaks

A substantial amount of household heating is lost through things like cracks in doors and draughty windows. Now is the time to check what little DIY jobs need doing around the house to help cut down on this wastage. You can also seal windows and door frames with draught sealers for extra protection. Don’t forget your roof – a lot of heat seeps out through ceilings too, and ceiling insulation is relatively inexpensive. So why not put that tax return to good use? Your heating bill will thank you.

Get a blanket – for your geyser!

Talking about insulation, an awful lot of our hard-earned money goes up in steam before it even reaches our bathrooms and kitchens. An insulation blanket for your geyser is a simple, cheap way to help prevent heat seepage and lost money.

Get your tools spick and span

This goes for summer sports equipment too! There’s nothing good about finding caked-on mud from last summer when you unpack all your goodies again next spring, so be sure to clean, maintain and [where needed] disassemble all the equipment you are winterising, so it can be stored safely and without fear of rust over the cold period. Remember petrol lawnmowers, dirt bikes and quads will also need to be serviced and have the oil and petrol properly drained.

A little time invested now will make for a far happier winter for you and your family.

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