Hard to light candles?

Candles are a stunning décor feature, and can add just the right ambience to a room. But some of the most striking décor candles can be near impossible to light conveniently. Pop into the pantry and grab the spaghetti – a single dry spaghetti strand makes an awesome firelighter.

Lost an earring?

Trying to find small objects like an earring in deep pile carpet can be a next-to-impossible task. Fear not! Grab the vacuum and pop a pair of stockings or women’s nylon sock over the intake pipe. The suction will find that little earring far faster than your eyes, and there’s zero risk of it getting sucked into the vacuum itself.

Door that slams loudly?

A rubber band strung between the two handles will ensure a door that shuts with a clunk does so far more quietly.

Need to water the plants over the holidays?

There’s as many uses for empty wine bottles as there are temptations for the full ones! However, if you’re heading out on holiday and need to ensure your prize pot plants don’t bite the dust, an old wine bottle is your best friend. Fill with water and carefully invert, burying the top lip in the soil of the plant. It will slowly drain out over the time you’re away, ensuring you don’t lose your special rose collection.

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Rust issues?

We all know tricks with rice to absorb moisture – but that’s not so convenient in toolboxes and other places. A simple stick or two of chalk tossed in the toolbox, however, will keep that pesky rust at bay.

Did you know any of these already? Do you have any other nifty secret tricks? It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of creativity!