Paint making a mess?

Sometimes it seems like painting makes more mess then it fixes. One of the biggest culprits is the dripping paintbrush that hits the floor, your arms and the pets – but it’s simple to conquer! Upcycle an old coffee can lid, pop a small slit in it for the handle and slide it up. You’ll have your own personal drip shield.

Keep losing your nails?

There are a few variants on this trick, so once you know the basics you can become super creative. A small magnet, such as those sold in hardware stores and fishing shops, glued to the end of your hammer, makes a perfect nail holder – you need never lose one again.

Can’t hold your nails still?

Ok, so we solved one issue – but now that pesky nail is jumping and twisting every time you try hit it. The solution is surprisingly simple – jam the nail in a wide-toothed women’s comb to make holding it steady as a breeze.

Caulking got you depressed?

It’s a messy job, but someone has to do it! Make your life considerably simpler, by taping off the area above and below where you are caulking with painters’ tape. You’ll be able to make a considerably neater job of it and the clean-up will be easier too – win/win!

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Tiny glass chip?

While there’s not much to be done other than replacing large chips and cracks, you can actually repair small chips with a strong clear nail polish. Just keep adding layers until it’s flush with the glass surface.

DIY needn’t be a chore, if you know the right tips and tricks!