Out of sight, out of mind

We have this awful habit of plopping everything onto the bedside table or dresser, and leaving it there like it’s all the height of design chic. Clear your surfaces, and make sure all the awkward little pieces that go into daily life are stored in the side table and dresser drawers, not out on display.

Compartmentalise your jewellery

Storing jewellery is one of those things that quickly turns into a drag. No matter what you do, it just seems to end up a tangled mess. One of the best – and cheapest – ways around this is using simple compartmentalised storage trays, one piece per compartment. Sorted!

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Chargers – not here!

We all know that we should be limiting electronics in the bedroom, but who can resist checking Facebook that one last time? Making a pretty charger station – there’s a ton of different design ideas available on the net – to disguise those chaotic cords is the best step you can take to restore a soothing environment in the bedroom.

Look to the corners

Corners are some of the most underused spaces in any house. Corner shelves and units make a great way to utilise tight bedroom spaces better, as well as providing interesting aesthetic details.

And, of course, the final piece of advice – keep the bed made. A plump, welcoming bed makes any bedroom a haven of peace and tranquillity. Sleep tight!