Solve the Charger Wars

Sick of listening to your teens scream at each other about who stole who’s charger? Personalise your family’s chargers with some simple decorated tape and voilà – you’ll never need to sort out whose is whose again.

Roll, don’t fold

Storing sweaters, jerseys and jumpers is one of the most irritating laundry tasks. They’re bulky, they never fit, and in our warm climate you don’t even need them nine months of the year! Roll your jerseys instead of folding them. You can use more space, they stay more firmly out the way [and less tempting to moths] and they’ll look a whole ton neater.

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Keep those boots ready for walking.

Boots are another storage headache, especially if you like knee highs. Use a cut off pool noodle to keep the shape and enable you to store them more easily with no damage, as well as to air them out between wears.

Tension rods solve almost any problem

Ok, they won’t be making world peace anytime soon, but they’re useful nonetheless. Tension rods can be used to hang roller towels and hand towels out of the way, or to make extra space under the sink to hang spray bottles on. They can also be used in drawers to tame your spice bottles and keep them from shifting around.

Keeping your home under control and comfortable needn’t be hard – look how simple some of these time saving tips are.