It’s all in the floor

Pet owners and fitted carpets aren’t really the smartest match. Even if Fido is immaculately housetrained, carpets absorb hair, smells and dirt [they aren’t the best idea for kids, either]. That doesn’t mean you can’t have any carpet, though. Throw rugs are a great way to introduce carpet looks without the long-term issues. And there’s a ton of cheaper – but infinitely stylish – throw rugs that make the perfect accompaniment to a pet friendly house.

Keep the breakables away

Breakable knick-knacks at puppy level are asking to get smashed. You’ll have to confine the fragile items of décor to special, sturdy cases or at the very least make sure they are out of reaching [and climbing] distance.

White is boring!

Who wants white walls anyway? They’re sterile and boring-and they show dirt quickly. Rather match the colour of your décor to the same spectrum as Fido’s or Miss Kitty Whiskers’s coat. That way it’s less noticeable if a little hair gets left behind, and your bold colour experiments will be far more stylish than boring shades.

Clean that pooch

We’ve spoken about having a ‘mud area’ at your entryway before. Even if you can’t dedicate a whole room, it’s a great way to keep the house cleaner with minimal effort. Same goes for the pets – an area where they enter the house that you can store leashes and paraphernalia and wipe down dirty dogs before the muck hits your house, is a great way to minimise the effects of your pet on your personal space.

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Pets and a nice space aren’t incompatible if you decorate with a little savvy.