HACK: Eat your food in THIS order

Overeating is a huge issue in our society – and it’s the biggest reason people are overweight. We eat too much and move too little

One of the best ways to counteract overeating is to eat your food in the correct order at every meal.

You know every meal should have water, fruit/veg, unprocessed starch and protein, right? Eating these in the right order helps you to fill up on the right stuff, and then stop eating – which requires discipline.

The correct order is this:

  1. Water – drink a big glass a few minutes before the meal. This will make you feel full sooner.
  2. Fruit/veg – the fibre and nutrient content of your meal is largely derived from these, so they must be given priority.
  3. Protein – whether it’s beans, peas, fish, meat, eggs, or tofu you should eat this next.
  4. Complex carbs – eat healthy, unprocessed carbs. One potato, a small portion of brown rice, one piece of toast. Carbohydrates are essential for brain function and energy, but you don’t need a lot to keep you going, unless you’re very active or athletic.

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