Meet Strelitzia Sunshine – a single mother dodging the slings and arrows of online dating. Muddling through menopause and battling with sulky teenagers. Fleeing her ex, she relocates to a small dorp in KZN. Here she meets colonial snobs, new-age hippies, religious nutters and irate Zulus.

Read her diary style blog – warning – funny bone compulsory.

Here’s one of her recent posts:

Shoe fantasy

Ooooh sometimes a girl just has to buy a pair of shoes.

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I have never been able to wear high heels but I like the idea of me wearing a pair of high heels. Nature has colluded with my fear of heights and I cannot balance on anything higher than a centimeter off the ground. But I persist with the delusion that I will conquer this disability.

High heels are the epitome of femininity

I think they add a touch of sexuality to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

I have in the past invested in numerous pairs of these impractical objects and they have all been given away. But this morning I think I see THE pair that will make all others pale into insignificance.

They are black and have a heel like an icepick – cultural weapon perhaps? Good for stabbing muggers in dark alleys.

On the front of the toes are teeny little diamante in the shape of a butterfly. I am mesmerised by the shape and exotic opportunities these shoes possess. My friend Annie would call them “**** me” shoes.

Impulsively I buy them and walk to my car … it’s a Cinderella moment

I imagine myself tottering towards a date in a restaurant – all eyes on me … or my shoes to be precise.

At home I walk down the passage – hmmmm. I will need to practice. My sexy sashay looks more like someone lurching in the bar after a piss up.

It seems like my vertigo has not diminished. I look sadly at the slip in my purse – oh dear, a lot of money to waste on a fantasy.

Perhaps I can balance on them while using a pair of crutches … Perhaps not!