Cooking with AMC is for life. Whether it be a literal take on the message by referring to the AMC lifetime guarantee, or cooking the AMC way which improves your diet and enables a healthy lifestyle.

Many people believe that cooking healthy meals for your family is dependant on healthy recipes and using good quality ingredients, but what about your cookware? If you’ve noticed hotspots while you’re cooking, discolouration of your cookware, a mild metal taste in your food or even a funny wobble on a flat surface – you probably have some serious cookware issues. And that’s where AMC shines. AMC is a cookware brand that has been around since 1968 and is trusted in homes throughout South Africa. AMC customers invest in cookware once, and never need to replace their cookware again.

Not only does the high-quality cookware last and look good, but it’s also easy to use and easy to clean. The AMC Visiotherm® is a built in thermometer that indicates when to lower, raise your heat or remove the cookware from the stove.

And only the finest quality 18/10 stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of AMC. This quality combined with the patented Akkutherm base, enables you to cook the AMC way – using less fat and water than traditional cooking methods. AMC cookware is also manufactured in South Africa and sold via a network of sales consultants, with a dedicated support centre for after-sales service and support.

The 24-cm Gourmet Chef’s Pan from AMC is perfect for small families of two to four people. It’ll quickly become your go-to frying pan; use it for eggs and breakfast, stir-frying veggies and frying small cuts of meat. With rounded sides it’s easy to toss and mix food right in the pan or lift ‘flatties’ like omelettes, pancakes and rotis. And with stainless steel gourmet handles, you can now also place this pan under the grill (without the lid), to put the finishing touch to your meal. The 24-cm Gourmet Chef’s Pan can be ordered with your choice of colour Visiotherm®. See the website for the full range of AMC products: //

AMC Cookware also offers South Africans an opportunity to either earn a much-needed supplement to their current income, or to become fully financially independent. This can be done by becoming a full-time or part-time AMC consultant.

AMC provides a great support structure, and has 49 years of experience in assisting their consultants to do well. AMC also offers incentives for their consultants, including opportunities to travel locally and abroad.

For more information on becoming an AMC Consultant, please visit //

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