The major issue in the weight-loss game is that you need to eat fewer calories than you burn in a day …

This can be pretty tricky unless you’re happy to spend a lot of your time weighing every item in every meal.

An easier way to curb the calories is to have a few strategies to help you eat less without having to go to the effort of using a scale.

Here are FIVE easy tricks you can use to eat less every day:

1. Eat a good breakfast

Eating a breakfast of a good size makes you full early in the day, which has a definite effect on the portions of the rest of your meals (for the better).

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You need to make sure the meal includes a good serving of protein – think eggs or a whey protein shake – and some complex carbs (oats would do the trick). A bit of fat would also help keep you full, so some peanut butter or nuts may be useful.

Try these delicious breakfast recipes:

Breakfast Frittata recipe


Chia and Berry Breakfast Pots recipe


Mixed Berry and Coconut Breakfast Bowl recipe


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