By Jodi Botha

Of all the items, in all the wardrobes, in all the world, a really great-fitting pair of jeans has got to be my all-time, all-round favourite anything to wear …

Skinny jeans and sandals for a casual affair, dark blue jeans with a suit jacket and I’m ready to rock any type of business meeting.

Baggy boyfriend jeans and a white T-shirt – I’m feeling quite creative! A denim dress – Hold. Me. Back.

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It’s perfectly acceptable to wear jeans to a business meeting and an evening event

Although, I do hanker for the type of evenings where a bit of dressing up is required (they don’t seem to come around that often any more), a great pair of jeans with the right accessories and top can really make you feel like a rock star!

As with anything in life that feels so rewarding, there is usually a bit of administration to get through before you can enjoy the moment, or the outfit, in this case.

As much as I love a good pair of jeans, I absolutely, categorically, 100% and then some, detest the protest of FINDING said pair of jeans

It could be a case of finding the proverbial Golden Fleece. It could be akin to the challenges faced by Hercules. It could be – gasp – a completely wasted trip to the mall.

It is worth it though. Every time. If you can just get through the revolting lighting in the changing rooms and having to deal with people – it WILL be worth it.

The moment when you spot “the one” hanging there, all innocent-like and you suddenly hear Etta James belt out At Last … my love has come around. That moment is very difficult to walk away from. And you shouldn’t. You deserve a great pair of jeans!

Here are a few of the lessons I’ve learned while pandering to my denim obsession:

Don’t rely on the sizes on the tags

They lie. You could be a 38 at one store and a 32 at another. The size of your jeans means NOTHING – how good you feel in the jeans is what it’s all about. You must try each pair on (I’m sorry, I do know how awful that is)
Speaking of sizes, when purchasing skin tight, skinny jeans – go for a size smaller (they will stretch).

Boyfriend jeans are not supposed to look neat

That’s not the point. Faded, missing material, sagging buttocks … it’s all part of the look. If you can’t rock it without doubt – don’t try it. There are few things as uncomfortable as a woman who is uncomfortable in her jeans.

If you’re on a tight budget, go for unbranded (who wants to display logos these days anyway?) value. They may not last like some of the premium brands but, if worn correctly, they will look premium.

If you have a bit of spare cash, go ahead and treat yourself to a super-expensive pair of jeans. They will last forever and you will love them.

It’s not as much about the jeans as it is about you

If they fit well and you feel good, then you’ve won at fashion! Your comfort and confidence are the best accessory you could ever pair with a good pair of jeans!

And best of all, denim shirts, denim dresses …

They don’t just come in pants any more! Broaden your horizons and enjoy your favourite shade of denim in other ways.