Planning your wedding and dreading the dress decision?  Here are some tips for our plus size readers who are contemplating their dress choices and options for the big day.
–    Before buying or deciding on anything, know what your body type is. A fashion stylist or image consultant can help you with this. Dressing your body type helps you look and feel more confident.

–    The bodice is the most important part â?? spend some time getting this right.  The skirt will fall into place easily.
–    Heavier fabrics can make you look heavier: Go for gowns made of lighter material
–    An A-line skirt will make your silhouette look well proportioned
–    Rouching is great to disguise a thicker waistline
–    Opt for a lower neckline to show off a little of your chest area (donâ??t show too much skin!).  A v-neck is your best option.
–    Stay away from full skirts, gathers and pleating on the bottom as they can make you look bigger than you really are
–    If you are buying a dress off the rack, find a great tailor to help you fit perfectly
–    Think about getting a dress with sleeves: it will help hide your upper arms if you are conscious about them looking flabby in your photographs.  If you insist on a strapless gown however, invest in a pashmina or wedding shawl.
–    Wear the right underwear: Get the miracle underwear the sucks in your cellulite and gives your silhouette a smooth shape: The major fashion retailers have these in their underwear sections.
–    Make sure that your dress is comfortable and not too tight. Having flabby bits sticking out over your dress is not flattering on your special day.
–    Avoid skirts above the knee as showing off too much leg will make you look shorter and heavier.
–    Donâ??t go for ruffles, pleating or a lot of detail on the bodice as this will make your bust look a lot bigger and bulkier.

–    You will be on your feet for most of the day, so ensure that your shoes are comfortably stylish: a lower, chunkier heel will give you more support.
–    Keep your accessories classic: You canâ??t go wrong with pearls and diamonds. 

–    Avoid a slicked back hairstyle. If you are looking for an updo: go for a style that adds some length to your face.  For ladies who want to go with a down style, go straight â?? it will elongate your face and make it look thinner.
–    Tell your makeup artist to match your makeup colours to your colouring: for ladies with a warmer undertone, golden or bronze tones will look stunning, while ladies with cooler undertones will look great with smokey eyes.
Donâ??t get despondent if you canâ??t find the right dress straight away: Remember that all brides, regardless of their size and stature face the same challenge of finding that perfect dress. Take your time!

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