Fuller figures are often forgotten or disregarded, as it is the emaciated look that fashion magazines and brands are using to sell their product. 

As a result, very little attention is paid to the girls with a little meat on their bones.  

Here are some tips for those fuller-figured ladies out there who know that looking and feeling great doesnâ??t necessarily come with dimensions that read like Barbieâ??s… 

Buy clothes that fit

Donâ??t pay attention to the size on the tag, only you will see this. 

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Well fitting clothes can take inches off while clothes that are too tight can leave you feeling uncomfortable and actually add inches to your silhouette.

Donâ??t blindly follow trends

Know what you look good in, and accept those pieces that you donâ??t. 

If you have a large lower body go for bottoms (skirts and pants) that skim off your hips and neatly disguise the lower region

Tight fitting pieces like skinny jeans will cling to your lumps and bumps and will exacerbate the issue.  Items that are too loose however will make you look larger than you actually are.  A-line skirts or comfortable bootleg trousers are your best options.

Dark colours truly are more forgiving. 

Stay away from lighter colours as they will make you look bigger than you actually are.  Instead of going Goth on a permanent basis, try substituting a black item for a dark purple, brown or navy blue once in a while: youâ??ll be amazed at the compliments you will receive.  These colours all share the common property of being equally as slimming as black (and not as mundane).

Wear vertical stripes:

They will make you look taller and leaner while horizontal stripes will make you look wider.

If you have a bit of a tummy:

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Stay away from the following items: clingy fabrics (like jersey), shiny materials, bright colours and tucked in shirts.  Rather go for forgiving fabrics, darker colours, and tunics and blouses that give you a little breathing room.

That said however, stay away from anything that makes you resemble a tent. Doing this will only hide your curves and make you look bigger than necessary.

Structure, structure, structure:

Spend your money on items that have structure to them: jackets with a cinched in waist, pants that have some flare, and shirts that hug you in all the right spots.

You are in the enviable position to pull off chunky and fabulously over-the-top accessories.

Opting for smaller jewellery will only exaggerate your size, so stick to accessories that are in proportion to you.

Keeping on the proportion theme, you can also play up prints and patterns

Smaller girls are limited to smaller designs, but you, lovely lady have a wide range of delicious prints and patterns to choose from.  Like accessories, your patterns must be in proportion to you, otherwise it just looks silly.

Boot-leg pants are great: not only are they stylish and classic, they will give you a perfectly proportioned silhouette.

Donâ??t hide your bust whatever you do. 

Go for v-neck shirts and blouses, or button-up tops (but remember to leave the top buttons undone).  Wearing high-neck items will only make your top half look chunky.

Stay away from stilettos or kitten heels: your shoes should mirror your figure and the fabric of your outfit: if you have a lovely ample figure, go for shoes that give you support like chunky platforms or wedges. 

Also keep in mind that the heavier the fabric of your outfit, the thicker your heels should be, so in preparation for winter develop a range of chunky-heeled shoes that will marry with your overall outfit.

A-line skirts are the most flattering skirt shape â?? they look great on almost any figure, and will hide a multitude of sins and flaws. 

When you find a skirt that you simply love, get it in a variety of colours and patterns so that you can wear them throughout the year.  The A-line is a wonderfully versatile item: pair it with boots and tights during the winter months, or with great sandals and a blouse during the warmer months.
We live in a country that celebrates curves, so flaunt yours!